Chaos to Calm: Learn the Power of Systems, Delegation and Mindset with Laura Hernandez

How do you create systems that take chaos to calm to your homeschooling, business, and mom duties? 

Listen in as I chat with Laura Hernandez of Mama Systems about her success in taking her family chaos to calm through systems and processes.

Learn about rhythm and routine, how to view schedules and systems as your ticket to freedom and not a burden, and find out how to squeeze in a date night on top of everything.

Living in chaos or not, this is an episode you shouldn't miss!


The Journey From Naptime Hustler to Homeschool CEO with Caroline Hull

Homeschooling 2 kids + running a business + pregnant.

Can any other formula be more challenging than that?

That's Caroline Hull's life put in an equation, and she's with us today as a very special guest. Caroline is the owner and editor of a boutique podcast editing agency called Wild Home Podcasting. She and her team help others launch their podcasts, find their voice, and sound amazing by managing the tech and details that go behind an enjoyable podcast.

Caroline shares how she was able to achieve balance and clarity to homeschooling and running a profitable business. We talk about the importance of seeing the 'bigger picture' versus controlling every little detail of the day, the value of delegating and using your time in the most impactful way.

There's so much meat in this episode, let's dive in!


Minimalist Mindset: Setting Your Homeschool Priorities with Zara Fagen, Ph.D.

Do you struggle with feelings of not being enough and of not doing everything with your homeschooling? Can you apply the minimalist mindset to your homeschooling?

Get ready to be blown away with answers because my guest for today's episode is best selling author, blogger, speaker, and fellow homeschool CEO, Dr. Zara Fagen. She and her husband run multiple successful businesses while homeschooling their four kids. Talk about an awesome partnership!

Zara dealt with much insecurity towards her homeschooling approach before discovering the system that she has now. She talks about the value of only focusing on what's the best use of your time and of not measuring your success based on other people's standards. Finally, we talked about how you too can apply a minimalist mindset to homeschooling regardless of what method of homeschooling you use.

If you want things simple, this is the episode for you!


Debunking the 5 Most Common Lies Homeschool CEO’s Tell Themselves with Jen Myers


I don't have time... I'm not smart enough... sound familiar? These are just some of the most common lies that Homeschool CEO’s tell themselves.

In today's episode, I will debunk the 5 most common lies that Homeschool CEO’s believe and reveal the truth behind them.

If you're in the pursuit of possibilities versus obstacles to homeschooling, this episode is the enlightenment you've been waiting for.


The Backstory: How My Homeschooling Journey Began

In this debut episode, I’ll share with you THE DETOUR of my life that led me to homeschool my kids. The truth is, I was planning for something else. I was supposed to be someone else. 

But 16 years down the road, plus running 2 businesses, I am convinced that my life would never be as happy and as fulfilling if I didn't homeschool my children. Allow me to share with you the pivot that changed everything for me.

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Oct 01, 2020

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