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An Overview of Classical Education: How Do I Fit It All Into A Day?

This is the last part of a series of guest posts by Heather Weber, homeschooling veteran of over 20 years. Heather Weber homeschooled her four children from birth through high school and author of mysteries under the pen name Patty Joy.


My favorite guide book for homeschooling, The Well-Trained Mind (WTM) by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, includes learning stages, curriculum recommendations, and even advised amount of time the subject should take each week.

Notice I called it a guide book.

I love the premise of the book, and in the beginning of my homeschooling career I tried to follow the exact curriculum, including teaching Latin, and time plans. Though Jessie Wise had three children and I had four, I believed it was the best plan and truly gave it my all. We had a designated school table, the curriculum bought, and I smiled like a kid in a toy store as I purchased school supplies at the drug store that summer before Kindergarten.

And then God laughed.



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