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5 Most Common Mistakes Struggling Homeschool CEO’s Make

ceo homeschooling Oct 01, 2020

As Homeschool CEOs, we juggle a lot of balls in the air. Let’s be real. Running a business can be challenging. Combining entrepreneurship with motherhood adds another ball to the juggling act.  Then if that wasn’t enough and you’re like me, we add homeschooling to the mix. Talk about a juggling act and wearing ALL THE HATS!  

As many of you know, I’ve been combining entrepreneurship and homeschooling for over 16 years so I get the juggling act. Sometimes it can feel like this:



Over the years, I’ve also had the privilege to connect with many types of Homeschool CEOs. I’ve chatted with Homeschool CEO’s who are wildly successful in business and homeschooling, as well as those who seem stuck on the struggle bus. I’ve taken notes on what worked well, and what contributed to burnout and overwhelm.  

Although every Homeschool CEO is unique, I’ve noticed quite a few similarities - especially when...

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How to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Kids

Several days ago, I asked our Homeschool CEO community members a question. I asked them to share how they encourage entrepreneurship in their kids and they gave some amazing and inspiring suggestions.

Their suggestions inspired me to write this article for the benefit of fellow Homeschool CEOs who are looking for ideas. Below are some tips on what you can do to encourage your kids to be entrepreneurs.


Teach them to set a financial goal.

You know how kids are always asking you to buy them something? Use that as a teachable moment and tell them they can have it if they are able to save money for it. This will inspire them to think of ways to make money.

One example is the 4-year-old daughter of Homeschool CEO mom Natasha Hartman who asked if she could sell bows to earn money to go to Disneyland. It took them 15 months but they succeeded!


Encourage them to pursue their interests.

When a child is already passionate about something, it’s often easier to encourage...

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Outsourcing Your Homeschool: What, Why, and How to Do It

ceo homeschool Sep 03, 2020

One misconception that both homeschool moms and entrepreneurs have in common is that they need to do everything all by themselves. The truth is that doing everything by ourselves can lead to overwhelm and burnout and that’s not good either for business or homeschooling.

How do you prevent this then? By outsourcing.


What is Outsourcing and Why You Should Do It

In business, we typically outsource tasks for many different reasons. It could be because it’s cheaper, we don’t have the time to do them or we don’t know how to do them properly or efficiently. Delegating these tasks to others can be the most practical and logical choice for our business, and you can do the same in homeschooling.

Maybe there’s a subject that you’re not comfortable teaching. Maybe you’ve tried teaching it but your child is still struggling with it. It can also be because your child is advanced and can benefit from more challenging instruction. The different...

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What to Consider in a Homeschool Co-op for Your Homeschool CEO Family

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the many different ways that you can socialize your homeschooled kids and I cited joining a homeschool co-op as one of your choices.

What is a co-op, anyway, and how do you know which one is the right fit for your Homeschool CEO family?


What is a Homeschool Co-op?

A Homeschool co-op is basically a group of families that come together to share in the education of their kids. They usually meet regularly for all sorts of reasons. 

Aside from socialization, co-ops can provide your family with many benefits. Some of them include opportunities for group learning, extra-curricular activities, accountability, and shared expenses among others.

Not all homeschool co-ops are created equal though. Not all will be a good fit for your family especially since you, as the homeschool mom, are also running a business at the same time and may not have a lot of time to spare.

How, then, do you find "the ONE"?


What to Consider:

There are several things...

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10 Creative and Fun Ideas to Start a New Homeschool Year

A new school year is about to begin and you might already be so excited to dive in. However, your kids may not be so enthusiastic to say goodbye to their summer vacation just yet.  

Don’t worry! You can make them look forward to a new homeschool year by preparing some fun things to do on your first day or week. Here are some creative and fun ideas you can try.


1. First Day of Homeschool Photos

Just because your kids are not going to a regular school doesn’t mean you can’t take back-to-school photos. You absolutely can!

Search online and you will find creative ideas on how others do this. Some of them include information about the child on the photos, such as his or her age, grade level, favorite subject, and more. At the end of the year, you can take another photo of your kids. It will be fun to compare it with the back-to-school one and see how much they’ve grown.


2. First Day of Homeschool Interview

There are many printables that you...

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12 Fun Ways to Socialize Your Homeschooler

Socialization is usually one of the major concerns of parents who are still deciding whether to homeschool their children or not. They’re normally concerned that staying at home will prevent their kids from interacting with others and making friends, which is something that can be easily done in a classroom. It’s a valid concern. However, socialization goes beyond just making friends with kids in school.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines socialization as “the process beginning during childhood by which individuals acquire the values, habits, and attitudes of a society”. There’s nowhere in that definition that says it’s something that can only happen in school. In fact, society is everywhere around us, which means that socialization can happen anywhere.

With that in mind, there are many opportunities available for homeschoolers to meet and make friends with different types of people. Here are some fun ways they can socialize.


1. Help...

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How to Prep for a New Homeschool Year

It’s just about the middle of summer right now and you might be taking a break from homeschooling. However, summer is also the time to prepare for the upcoming homeschool year.

Preparing for your school year in advance contributes greatly to the success of your homeschool especially for a Homeschool CEO who’s also running a business. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few steps to follow.


Step 1: Review the last school year.

Ideally, you should conduct an evaluation at the end of each homeschool year. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to do it.

Evaluating is beneficial to you because it helps you gain a better perspective on what worked and what didn’t, which then helps you decide if you need to change or improve on anything in the upcoming year. Some of the things you need to evaluate include your child’s schoolwork, your curriculum, your schedule, and workload among others.

For instance, were your learning goals met? Did...

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10 Fun Ideas for Summer Homeschooling

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you a few reasons why Homeschool CEOs should homeschool in the summer. Now that summer is in full swing though, you might be wondering what types of homeschool activities you can do with your kids.

Well, just because you’re homeschooling in the summer doesn’t mean that you need to follow your usual schedule. Summer is actually the time to have a change of pace and be more relaxed in your homeschool.

With that said, here are some fun summer homeschool ideas you can try with your kids.


Summer Reading

Reading is a great way for kids to learn a lot of different things without having to do actual lessons. You can either make a reading list for your child or enroll him or her in a summer reading challenge wherein prizes are involved as a reward.


Arts and Crafts

Not all homeschoolers get to do a lot of arts and crafts during the school year. Take advantage of the summer then to explore different art projects that you normally...

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5 Reasons Why Homeschool CEOs Should Homeschool in the Summer

If your homeschool family follows the regular school calendar, you are most likely on summer break right now. You may not be spending the summer doing what you initially planned to do due to the Coronavirus, but you’re still taking a break from school work before starting another year.

But did you know that there are families that homeschool year-round? 

Yes, there are and there are many benefits for doing so. Let me share with you 5 reasons why Homeschool CEOs should homeschool in the summer. 


You can customize your holidays or days off during the year.

When you follow the typical school calendar, you are usually taking the same holidays as regular school students. That means going on summer break when the beach is crowded and suffering from long lines and peak season rates. Plus, what if summer is also a peak season for your business? 

When you homeschool year-round though, you have the freedom to take your breaks any time you want without sacrificing...

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6 Things to Evaluate at the End of Your Homeschool Year

As you wrap up your homeschool year, it's important to stop and take some time to evaluate how the year went. This will allow you to figure out what worked and what didn't and give you a better basis for making decisions on how to do things in the next homeschool year.

What exactly do you need to evaluate?


1. Your child's schoolwork

Look through everything your kids have accomplished during the year. What have they learned? Were your learning goals met? Did they struggle with anything? Were they bored or challenged?

Take note that you also need to check your state laws  about homeschool evaluations. Some states may require assessments to be administered, such as standardized testing, portfolios, or an evaluation by an education professional. 



2. Your curriculum

Just because you’ve been using a particular curriculum for a number of years doesn’t mean you should stick to it forever. It’s important to evaluate a curriculum every year to...

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