"I started Homeschool CEO because I was sick of feeling like I was alone in my entrepreneurial journey."









I wasn’t a homeschooling mom with a side hustle. I was successful entrepreneur with a profitable business who also homeschooled. I ran my business and my family with the mindset of a CEO. Now I’m on a mission to help other CEO’s successfully homeschool their kids too.

For the longest time, I didn’t understand what made me different than so many other homeschooling moms that I had met over the years. I didn’t want just a “side hustle” - a small part time business that I ran on nights and weekends. I wanted to own the kind of business that paid off my house, allowed us to pay cash for nice vacations, and gave me the funds to generously donate to charities. I wanted to homeschool my kids AND a CEO of a profitable business.

When I finally had the courage to realize I was NOT the stereotypical homeschool mom, I discovered myself. I was an entrepreneur who homeschooled, not the other way around. Homeschooling did not define my motherhood or my identity as a woman. It was just a means to an end. It was then that the Homeschool CEO vision was born.

We all have unique reasons for homeschooling while running our business. Some of us want to travel. Some of us do it for religious reasons. Some of our children had a bad school experience. Some of us homeschool because we were homeschooled, and we want to pass on the legacy. Our homeschooling looks are as different as our businesses do.

However, the one common trait we all share is: We are all entrepreneurs who want to educate our kids in a way that suites our lifestyle and family’s needs.

Homeschooling while running a profitable business is no small feat, but you can do it.

xo, Jen



Brand & Web Designer

Megan is a southern born and raised, Mexican food loving designer. When the weather is nice, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend at the park with their Amstaff/Jack Russel mix, Peaches. She can be frequently found with her nose in her laptop working on her business (Megan Elyse Branding + Design) doodling in Photoshop and Illustrator, testing out new trends and designs- always with her standard coffee in hand!


Marketing Director

Samantha is a California native, a wife, mom of 4, and the founder and owner of Ten 10 Social. She serves local businesses by increasing their organic reach and paid advertising on social media. 

She is a coffee connoisseur, loves the beach, and loves to create adventures with friends & family!

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