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105 Activities to Entertain Kids While You Work

So, school’s been canceled for the indefinite future and you’ve recently added homeschool teacher to your list of titles….whew….deep breath. It will be okay.

Although it’s great to have your kids safely protected at home, you may be wondering how you’ll ever find to focus on your business.

Never fear! The Homeschool CEO Community has got your back!

Here are 105 activities that your child can do that will keep them occupied for hours while you get some work done.


1. Listen to an audiobook

2. Do a puzzle

3. Assign child a longish, but really interesting book. And offer $$$ price for completing in 24 hours with a creative written or video review. Best for Ages 10+( I usually use this moment to have them read something that will change their lives for the good ie character building or challenging status quo)

4. Do Perler beads

5. Script, rehears and film a “movie”

6. Use leftover gift wrap or paper and tape and have a bedroom door decorating contest. Door will be evaluated in (insert time you need to get work done)

7. Exercise: follow a long workout video

8. Scavenger hunt

9. Teach them what you do for work

10. Play a boardgame

11. Set up treasure hunt with 12 steps

12. Create longest domino sequence using all the books in the house. ( fun for kids not so funny to hubby)

13. Heads Up Seven Up

14. Show them domino sequences, then give them a box of dominos and blocks

15. Create a time capsule to bury in the backyard

16. Give them scissors, tape, glue sticks, and a stack of paper and NO DIRECTIONS.

17. Turn on Ballet or Karate Lessons on the TV, then do it with them

18. Create and cook a lunch or dinner menu based on what's available in the house.

19. Make a marble run out of objects available at home (toilet paper tubes, blocks, sticks, etc.)

20. Put on an old shirt and have them color on your back ;)

21. Organize their toys

22. Make a beads bracelet

23. Magnet tiles

24. Build a fort

25. Write a time travel diary

26. Pair matching socks

27. Write to Pen Pals

28. String yarn around the house with a prize at the end

29. Hide all the toys and send them to find them

30. Make gift bags for out-of-work neighbors, then send the teenagers out to ding-dong-ditch them with the gifts

31. Weed a neighbor’s yard without getting caught

32. Colored dye in shaving cream

33. Science videos on YouTube

34. Art for Kids videos on YouTube

35. Origami

36. Build them an indoor campground with pretend fire and marshmallows

37. Decorate their own cookies

38. Write a letter to a service member through Operation Gratitude.

39. CodaKid website has a ton of self contained tutorials on many different coding languages for kids. My son could do this all day.

40. Minecraft

41. Video calls with Grandma

42. Adventure Academy--gaming that requires learning stuff to advance!

43. Josh Gad is reading kids books online

44. There is an interpreter and comedian Keith Wann who has kids books being read AND he is signing them in ASL. His ASL readings are COOL! Google Keith Wann Very Hungry Caterpillar. Here is a Dr. Seuss book he is reading in ASL with the book! Click here.

45. Dress up and act out a play

46. Cleaning competition with a cash prize. Each kid gets a room to clean.

47. Draw and write encouraging messages with chalk on your sidewalk so that neighbors out on a walk see your well wishes

48. Play Monopoly! This one occupied my boys for 6 hours this week.

49. Skybrary - Kid's books & videos this is what my younger kids love. Including my 13yr old.

50. Learn about native birds on allaboutbirds.org and the Merlin app.

51. Learn about nearby wildlife on the Seek app.

52. Grab the play kitchen stuff and let them play in the bathtub. (Obviously with an appropriate amount of supervision).

53. Make a fresh batch of playdough.

54. Do a crossword.

55. Do a word search

56. Do a connect-the-dots picture.

57. Copy and illustrate a passage of literature.

58. Record a podcast (just an audio recording on your phone or computer). "Interview" their siblings as guests on the show.

59. Cut up old magazines to make a collage.

60. Create a new code and write secret messages to decipher.

61. Recreate a famous painting like Van Gogh's Starry Night.

62. Listen to a dramatic piece of classical music, like Beethoven's Fifth, and illustrate how it makes you feel.

63. Take a virtual tour of an art museum (many available for free right now). Make notes about your favorite pieces and why you like them.

64. Make a color wheel using crayons or markers. (Templates online.)

65. Download Duolingo app and learn a new language.

66. fill a bathtub with water and let the kids experiment to see what floats and what sinks - BONUS they have to clean the tub and bathroom floor at the end!

67. Write their autobiography.

68. Take apart an old machine.

69. Write and illustrate a weather report.

70. Concert online. I saw a clip of John Legend playing from home this morning.

71. Learn and tell each other jokes. Create a stand-up comedy routine.

72. Invent a new holiday and ways to observe it.

73. Create a comic strip

74. Play charades

75. Sudoku puzzles

76. Play an online educational game like Prodigy

77. Create a new hideaway for the cat.

78. Create dog toys out of fleece

79. Practice hand-sewing (like a scrunchie)

80. Build an obstacle course and see who can finish first (fun for little kids)

81. Host an indoor picnic

82. Rock painting

83. Write and mail letters to friends (even in the same town) to talk about what you've been doing during quarantine). The more descriptive, the better!

84. Look through old photo albums

85. Learn sign language

86. Play "spa." Face masks, paint nails, do hair.

87. Learn to tie different kinds of knots (just need rope and online tutorials)

88. Dress up and have a fashion show

89. Host your own Olympics

90. Create a YouTube tutorial to teach your favorite hobby

91. Do a lip sync contest to your favorite show tunes. Record it and then watch each contestant and vote.

92. Make tessellation artwork (teaches math too!)

93. Write your own limerick

94. Write your own haiku

95. Write a letter to your future self.

96. Do a kids yoga video

97. Make crayon rubbings of different textures around the house.

98. Create a Dichotomous Key (a series of Yes/No/descriptions) to identify items

99. Join a Lego challenge (or just challenge yourself to build a strong bridge, tall tower, etc.)

100. Write a letter to your favorite (living) author

101. Design a blueprint for your dream house

102. Practice an instrument

103. Build a paper airplane

104. Make a sock puppet and put on a show

105. Have them use the internet to research their favorite subject, create a lesson on it, and have them teach mom and dad that evening


This list was a labor of love from your fellow entrepreneurs at the Homeschool CEO Community. If you currently run a business and homeschool (or you are an entrepreneur who is considering homeschooling long term), check us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/homeschoolceocommunity

xo, Jen



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